Med-Pak Technologies: A business development and technology licensing company.
Bridging the gap between innovative science and the marketplace

Many biopharmaceutical, biotechnology and new technology driven companies often need highly developed business skills as they strive to grow by developing novel compounds, drug discovery platforms and new and innovative medical devices and diagnostics.

Med-Pak Technologies was founded in 1993 to help accelerate the growth of such companies by providing access to critical business skills. During this time we have provided meaningful assistance to a variety of companies; we have helped them meet their objectives and ultimately reach their goals.

Those associated with Med-Pak Technologies possess strong technological and business development skills.

Robert Angione, Med-Pak Technologies founder and CEO, has 25 years of experience in the pharma business development industry. He possesses critical experience in strategic business development, marketing and collaborations. Over the years he has established a strong global contact network of those who seek to both in- and out-license new and compelling business opportunities.

Med-Pak's passion is to help talented people and companies in a wide variety of settings reach their full potential. Whether you are a researcher starting your first company or an established business, we can help you traverse the maze to reach the desired goal.  Med-Pak's team has spent time in the field, at the lab bench, and in the corporate world so we understand the issues and the hurdles that must be navigated successfully.

We're here to offer high-level business skills that will bridge the gap between your innovative science and the marketplace.

Since 1993, Med-Pak Technologies has established a solid reputation in the licensing and alliances industries.  We have been successful working alongside clients located in the US, Europe, and Japan.

Our fee structure is based upon a high standard of productivity and results. We understand the constraints of new business ventures and ensure our flexibility in establishing payment terms. Our fee schedule is based on a fair and balanced approach between accomplishments and our fee. This enables our client to control cost while gaining access to the business development skills they need.

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